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Towanda's Smith signs to run at Syracuse.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | June 12, 2015 | Photo courtesy Brian Fees


Towanda's Smith signs to run at SyracuseFor the past couple of years Towanda's Simon Smith and South Williamsport's Griffin Molino have been rivals in cross country and track and field.

The two have squared off on a number of occasions, pushing each other as both tried to come out on top.

However, when Molino made the decision to sign with Syracuse University it gave Smith the idea to maybe make his rival into a teammate.

"I saw Griffin Molino signed and I realized it was a really nice school," Smith said. "So, I picked to apply there and got accepted and then I decided of the schools I applied and got accepted to that fit the best."

In the end the idea of Syracuse turned out to be a perfect one for the Towanda senior.

"It's the perfect combination of academics and athletics and then it will have a good alumni network and a great fan base," Smith said.

The location of Syracuse was also perfect for Smith.

"It's only about two hours away, that's a good distance for family and friends" Smith said. "It's far enough away, it still feels like college.

"It's the perfect distance and it's actually not far from Scranton where my brother (Schuyler) goes. It's a pretty straight shot."

Syracuse is also a very good academic school that will be good for Smith and his major.

"I'm majoring in biology and their coach actually told me they have two kids there who are going on to med school in the fall that are on the team, so that really interested me when he said that," Smith said.

Having Molino, who was a rival, and also a friend, on the team will make the transition easier for Smith.

"That's really neat, that will give me someone to run with and someone I know," Smith said. "Just some familiar faces to feel more comfortable going there.

"That will help push me, going from rival to teammate but still pushing each other."

Competing at the college level is something Smith knows will be a big change.

"It's going to be a different feel not being the top runner in the area," Smith said. "But, I'm looking forward to it, to making myself better with the competition."

Having good competition every day in practice and every meet is something Smith knows will make him better.

"That will help a ton," he said. "It even helped a little with Molino in the district, now it will be day in and day out in practice. I feel like my best is yet to come."

This past year Smith spent his winter running to prepare for track season and he knows indoor season in college will also help him.

"That will definitely make it easier that it will be a bunch of guys training in the winter and have races there to compete with," Smith said.

"I will be staying strong through winter," Smith said. "The coach said they do indoor but not too intensive so that's what I have been doing."

Smith is excited to get started with college cross country and track and compete for the Orange.

"It will be fun," Smith said. "They go to a ton of meets, including two meets in Stanford in a year."

It also means four more years of running for Smith, but even after that time Smith knows he is never going to stop running.

"That will be fun and I definitely plan to have more than four," Smith said. "Even when I'm out of college I plan to stick with it."


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