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Wellsboro rolls past Sayre, Canton; Athens tops Towanda.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | May 1, 2013 | Photo courtesy The Review


2013 Wellsboro vs. Canton and Sayre Girls TrackCANTON - The Wellsboro girls' track and field team scored 122.5 points en route of their sweep over Sayre and Canton Tuesday.

Sayre amassed 48 points while Canton had 18.5.

Wellsboro's 4x800 relay won in 10;48.8.

In the 100 hurdles Sayre's Elyse Skerpon won in 15.7 with Wellsboro's Mackenzie Marple second in 17.0 while Canton's Pearl Hess and Wellsboro's Haley Zuchowski tied for third at 18.8.

Sayre's Anna King won the discus in 88-feet with Wellsboro's Katie Straniere second in 77-feet, 6 1/2-inches and Canton's Addy Atherton-Ely third in 77-feet, 2 1/2-inches.

Wellsboro's Kimberly Acorn won the triple jump in 31-feet, 2 1/4-inches while Sayre's Sarah Ostroski was second in 30-feet, 8-inches and Canton's Cassidy Bellows third in 30-feet, 3 1/2-inches.

Wellsboro's Lauren Bleggi led a Hornet sweep of the 100 in 13.4 while teammates Sarah Kramer (13.5) and Lindsey Graver (13.9) were second and third.

Kramer won the pole vault in 9-feet with Skerpon second also at 9-feet while Wellsboro's Joey Taft was third at 7-feet, 6-inches.

Wellsboro's Randi Grim won the 1600 in 5:46.6 with Sayre's Katie Hurley second in 5:49.6 while Hornet Jordyn Coffee was third in 5:50.

Wellsboro's Alex Kurtz won the shot put in 27-feet, 10-inches while teammate Hannah Zuchowski was second in 25-feet, 8-inches with Atherton-Ely third in 25-feet even.

Wellsboro's Jada Jackson won the 400 in 1:00.9 with Sayre's Sydney Beeman second in 1:04.7 and Wellsboro's Becky Chambers was third in 1:05.6.

Wellsboro's 4x100 relay won in 53.6.

Acorn won the long jump in 14-feet, 8-inches with Canton's Grace Wright second in 14-feet, 6 3/4-inches while Kramer was third in 14-feet, 3 1/2-inches.

Skerpon won the 300 hurdles in 46.1 with Jackson second at 50.4 and Haley Zuchowski third at 55.8.

Wellsboro's Camryn Keane won the high jump at 4-feet, 10-inches with teammate Raisa Rogers second at 4-feet, 10-inches while the Sayre duo of King and Kaitlin Henry tied for third at 4-feet, 4-inches.

Chambers won the 800 in 2:38.7 with Beeman second at 2:39.5 while Sayre's Katherine Porter was third at 2:39.8.

Bleggi led a Wellsboro sweep of the 200 in 27.3 with Acorn second at 29.4 and Graver third at 29.7.

Coffee won the 3200 in 12:22.9 with Hurley second at 12:45.9 while Keane was third at 13:49.2.

Wellsboro won the 4x400 relay in 4:18.2.

Athens 97, Towanda 56

TOWANDA - The Lady Wildcats picked up an NTL girls' track and field win Tuesday.

In the 4x800 relay a Towanda team of Destiny Foster, Victoria Ackley, Dani Zatkos and Katelin Purdy won in 10:11.64.

Athens' Connie Kipp won the 100 hurdles in 18.51 with teammates Shaynia Burns (18.63) second and Victoria McDonald (19.31) third.

Athens' Danielle Stopper won the discus in 86-feet, 1-inch with teammates Colleen Kithcart (72-feet, 2-inches) and Megan Wanck (70-feet) second and third.

Athens' Taylor Conrad won the 100 in 13.88 with Wildcat Taylor Cianfoni second at 13.89 and Towanda's Brittany Boardman third at 13.92.

Athens' Monica Dougherty won the long jump in 14-feet wile Towanda's Anastasia Andriyashi second at 13-feet, 11-inches with fellow Knight Lauren Risch third at 13-feet, 9-inches.

Athens' Ali Vine won the pole vault in 7-feet, 6-inches with Towanda's Divya Patel and Kayla Brown second and third at 7-feet even.

Black Knight Destiny Foster won the 1600 in 5:42.25 with Athens' Paige Bennett second at 6:11.80 and fellow Wildcat Casey Lattimer third at 6:24.8.

Athens' Laura Lockard won the 400 in 1:04 with Ackley second at 1:09 and Purdy third at 1:11.

Athens won the 4x100 relay in 51.88.

Stopper won the shot put in 27-feet, 4 1/2-inches with Wanck second at 26-feet, 7-inches and Towanda's Morgan Dreisch third at 26-feet, 6 1/2-inches.

Burns won the 300 hurdles in 52.25 with teammate Maria Hudock second at 54.45 and Brown third at 52.47.

Ackley won the 800 in 2:35.63 with Purdy second at 2:38.18 and Athens' Ashley Follett third at 2:50.45.

Wildcat Ariel Walter won the triple jump in 30-feet, 4-inches with Risch second at 30-feet, 4-inches while Wildcat Jessica Stevens was third at 28-feet, 9-inches.

Lockard won the 200 in 26.91 with Zatkos second at 28.36 and Cianfoni third at 28.98.

Foster won the 3200 in 12:10.98 with Athens' Emily Madigan won the 3200 in 14:16.67 with Lattimer third in 14:31.58.

Athens won the 4x400 relay in 4:17.07.

Stopper won the javelin in 104-feet, 9-inches with Dreisch second at 83-feet, 3-inches and Athens' Jordan Kerrick third at 77-feet, 4-inches.

North Penn 107, Troy 46, Northeast Bradford 19

North Penn picked up two NTL girls' track and field wins Tuesday.

North Penn's 3x800 relay team of Simone Lichty, Britta Berguson, Logan Wilson and Erin Dempsey won in 10:42.9.

North Penn's Haleigh McKee won the 100 hurdles in 29.0 with teammate Shannon Madigan second in 29.1.

Northeast Bradford's Lydia Werner won the 1600 in 5:39.5 with Lichty second at 5:54.8 while Northeast's Terumi Suzunki was third at 14.8.

Troy's Casey Norton won the 1600 in 5:39.5 with Lichty second at 5:54.8 and Wilson third at 6:28.8.

In the 400 Werner won in 1:03.5 with North Penn's Chelsea Repard second at 1:04.3 and Britta Berguson third at 1:06.5.

North Penn's 4x100 relay team of Sara Wolbert, Madigan, Savannah Alexyn and Erin Shaffer won in 59.5.

Troy's Justics Brown won the 300 hurdles in 57.9 with teammate Faith Cryan second and McKee third at 1:02.1.

Dempsey won the 800 in 2:40.4 with Wilson second at 2:52.8 and North Penn's Ayla Rohl third in 3:09.7.

Repard won the 200 in 28.4 with Werner second at 28.6 and Norton third at 29.2.

Lichty won the 3200 in 12.38 with Troy's Kassidy Colton second in 14:09.1.

North Penn's 4x400 relay team of Britta Berguson, Andrea Neff, Repard and Dempsey won in 4:33.2.

North Penn's Kirsten Berguson won the shot put in 30-feet, 6-inches with teammate Meredith Kline second in 29-feet, 6-inches and Troy's Jenn Shults third in 27-feet, 2-inches.

Kirsten Berguson won the discus in 86-feet, 10-inches with Suzuki second at 73-feet, 5-inches and Shults third at 70-feet, 8-inches.

North Penn's Debby Brown won the javelin in 113-feet, 11-inches with Kirsten Berguson second in 91-feet, 3-inches and Troy's Rachael Stafford third in 72-feet, 4-inches.

Troy's Claudia Mack won the long jump in 14-feet, 4-inches with North Penn's Alysa Davey-Bostic second at 31-feet, 3-inches while North Penn's Asti Faivre and Suzuki tied for third at 12-feet, 6-inches.

Mack won the triple jump in 31-feet, 4-inches with Davey-Bostic second at 31-feet, 3-inches and North Penn's Kaylin Tokarz in third at 26-feet, 10-inches.

Cryan won the high jump at 4-feet, 4-inches with Davey-Bostic second also at 4-feet, 4-inches.

North Penn's Raileigh Wilson won the pole vault in 7-feet with North Penn's Anya Nance second at 6-feet, 6-inches.

Waverly 114, Watkins Glen 26

The Wolverines picked up an IAC girls' track and field win Tuesday.

Waverly's 4x800 relay of Danielle Burkhart, Daylen Smith, Kylene Chandler and Katelyn Moore won in 10:55.2.

Waverly's Sidney Shaffer won the 100 hurdles in 17.7 with teammate's Shelby Tubbs (18.4) and Kylie Newman (18.6) second and third.

Wolverine Sam Goble won the 100 in 13.1 with teammate Breanna Featherson was second in 13.8. Waverly's Kelsey Frank won the 1500 in 5:34.4.

A relay of Burkhart, Shaffer, Shelby Tubbs and Featherson won for Waverly in 55.5 in the 4x100.

Moore won the 400 in 1:04.6 with teammate Sage Hugo second in 1:17.3.

Waverly's Kaylee Uhl won the 400 hurdles in 1:09.2 with Newman second in 1:17.2.

Frank won the 800 in 2:35.4 with Smith second in 2:35.8.

Goble won the 200 in 27 seconds with Uhl second in 27.9.

Waverly's 4x400 relay of Featherson, Newman, Frank and Smith won in 4:43.

Shaffer won the long jump in 13-feet, 10 1/2-inches with teammates Featherson (13-feet, 2-inches) and Erin Fagan (12-feet, 9-inches) in second and third. Newman won the triple jump in 28-feet, 6 1/2-inches with Fagan second in 27-feet, 4 1/2-inches.

Waverly's Meaghan Stanton won the high jump at 4-feet even with Fagan second also at four feet.

Shaffer won the pole vault in 8-feet while teammate Sarah Rote won the shot put in 27-feet, 5 1/4-inches. Fellow Wolverine Fallon Huck was third in 25-feet, 6 1/2-inches.

Rote took the discus in 80-feet, 6-inches with Huck second in 70-feet, 8-inches and fellow Wolverine Erika Morales third in 62-feet, 8-inches.

Waverly will be at the John Childs Invitational Friday.

Edison 77, Tioga 63

Tioga's 4x100 set a school record in IAC girls' track and field action Tuesday.

A team of Maddie Tinney, Charlsie Bowen, Kelby Cole and Malley Bowen won in 53.7.

In the 100 hurdles Charlsie Bowen won in 17.2 with Malley Bowen third at 17.7.

Tinney won the 100 in 13.0 while teammate Emily Schweiger was third in the 15000 in 5:48.2.

Charlsie Bowen won the 400 in 1:02.4 with teammate Maddie Cotton third at 1:09.3.

Malley Bowen won the 400 hurdles in 1:15.3 with teammate Holly Passetti third in 1:23.1.

Cole won the 800 in 2:40 with Schweiger third at 2:49.3.

Tinney won the 200 in 27.3 while teammate Emily Stansfield was third in the 300 at 15:40.5.

Tinney won the triple jump in 32-feet, 5 1/2-inches while Charlsie Bowen won the pole vault in 11-feet.

Schweiger was third in the long jump at 12-feet, 2 1/2-inches while Malley Bowen was second in the shot put at 21-feet, 11 1/2-inches. Passetti took third at 21-feet, 11-inches.

In the discus Tioga's Kaila Ketchum was second in 62-feet with teammate Darby Borden third at 60-feet, 6-inches.

Schwegier was second in the high jump at 4-feet, 8-inches.