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Northeast Bradford tops Wyalusing, Williamson.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | April 22, 2015 | Photo courtesy The Review


2015 Wyalusing vs. Northeast Bradford and Williamson Boys TrackWYALUSING - Northeast Bradford picked up two NTL boys' track and field wins Tuesday.

They scored 77 points while Wyalusing had 50 and Williamson 32.

Wyalusing's Dominick Otis won the pole vault in 9-feet, 6-inches followed by Williamson's Joey Brown (9-feet, 6-inches) and Wyalusing's Nick Shaffer (8-feet).

NEB's Derek Allabaugh won the discus in 129-feet, 3-inches followed by teammates Alan Vough (124-feet, 9-inches) and Zach Darling (114-feet, 11-inches).

NEB's Levi Upham won the 800 in 2:11.4 with Williamson's Nate Bonham (2:13) second and Wyalusing's Matt Woodruff (2:21.3) third.

Williamson's Ethan Mead cleared 6-feet to win the high jump with teammate Dakota Corwin (5-feet, 10-inches) second and Wyalusing's Duane Shrimp (5-feet, 4-inches) third.

Northeast Bradford won the 4x400 in 3:45, less than a second ahead of Wyalusing.

NEB's Sam Beers won the 300 hurdles in 44.57 with Wyalusing's Mitchell Schools (44.75) second and Williamson's Ben Williams (45.14) third.

Upham won the 1600 in 4:58.90 followed by Bonham (5:02.3) and Woodruff (5:05.9).

Wyalusing's Jordan Schools won the triple jump in 39-feet, 10-inches followed by teammate Tracy Brown (36-feet, 7-inches) and Williamson's Brandon Womer (36-feet).

Wyalusing won the 4x100 relay in 47.42 with a team of Tracey Brown, Woodruff, Ace and Frederick.

Seeley won the javelin in 136-feet, 3-inches with teammate Alex Morris (129-feet, 10-inches) second and Wyalusing's Dillan Smith (124-feet, 8-inches) third.

Williamson's Devin Outman won the 110 hurdles in 17.82 with Mitchell Schools (18.3) second and Ben Williams (18.67) third.

Corwin won the long jump in 18-feet, 9-inches with Bonham (17-feet, 10-inches) second and Beers (17-feet, 8 1/2-inches) third.

NEB's Nate Mosier won the 3200 in 11:45 with teammates Austin Senn-Bishop (11:49) and Upham (11:49.2) second and third.

NEB's Zach Darling won the shot put in 44-feet, 3-inches with Vough (41-feet, 9 1/2-inches) and Seeley (40-feet, 4-inches) second and third.

Williamson's Ethan Mead won the 100 in 12.13 with Wyalusing's Derek Frederick (12.18) and Ethan Ace (12.27) second and third.

NEB won the 4x800 relay in 9:51.9.

Allabaugh won the 400 in 55.43 followed by Jordan Schools (56.05) and Wyalusing's Drew Masters (1:02.7).

NEB's Andrew Jampo won the 200 in 24.81 with Ace (24.82) and Brown (25.16) second and third.

Waverly 66, Notre Dame 44

ELMIRA, N.Y. - The Wolverines picked up an IAC track and field win Tuesday.

It was the first meet at Notre Dame in 24 years.

Waverly's Schae Terkay won the 110 hurdles in 21.7 while teammate Jake Goble won the 100 in 11.9.

Waverly's 4x100 relay of Joey Peters, Dawson Morey, Goble and Shane Carpenter won in 48.2 while Terkay won the 400 hurdles in 1:09.7.

Goble won the 200 in 23.6 with Waverly's team of Goble, Morey, Peters and Carpenter winning the 4x400 relay in 3:53.4.

Waverly's Matt McFarland won the high jump in 5-feet, 2-inches with Carpenter winning the long jump in 17-feet, 6-inches.

Wolverine Josh Mastrantuono won the shot put in 37-feet, 4 1/4-inches while Morey won the discus in 96-feet, 3-inches.

Notre Dame's 4x800 relay of Gavin Harrington, Justin Bauco, Matt Karee and Garrett Butters won in 9:32.5 while Butters won the 1600 in 4:46.

Notre Dame's Paco Rilloraza won the 400 in 56.0 with Bauco taking the 800 in 2:18.3.

Butters won the 3200 in 10:44.2 as well.

Wellsboro 71.5, Canton 65, Towanda 52.5

The Green Hornets picked up two NTL boys' track and field wins at home Tuesday.

In the 100 Canton's Dakota VanRyn won the 100 in 11.10 followed by Wellsboro's Michael Pietropola (11.2) and Canton's Noah Barnett (11.3).

VanRyn won the 200 in 23.60 followed by Wellsboro's Kieron Smethers (24.20) and Towanda's Griffin Sites (25.0).

Barnett won the 400 in 52.8 with Smethers (53.4) second and VanRyn (53.5) third.

Canton's Brennan Gleckner won the 800 in 2:10.7 followed by Towanda's Stephen Benditt (2:13.70) and Wellsboro's Isaac Leach (2:20.1).

Gleckner won the 1600 in 5:08.5 followed by Leach (5:18.5) and Canton's Conner Hess (5:22).

Towanda's Simon Smith won the 3200 in 10:42 with Hess (12:01) and Leach (12:10) second and third.

Wellsboro's Jack Chambers won the 110 hurdles in 17.3 followed by Wellsboro's Casey Hoover (21.0) and Canton's August Gum (21.6).

Chambers won the 300 hurdles in 44.6 with Towanda's Todd Koss (47.4) second and Canton's Mike May (47.8) third.

Wellsboro won the 4x100 relay in 45.1 behind a team of Nick Marple, Smethers, Rich Tardieu and Pietropola.

Canton won the 4x400 relay in 3:48 behind a team of Gleckner, May, VanRyn and Barnett.

Towanda won the 4x800 relay in 9:43.2 with a team of Smith, Derrick Cole, Benditt and Teddy Steele.

Marple won the high jump in 5-feet, 8-inches followed by Tardieu (5-feet, 6-inches) and Hess (5-feet, 4-inches).

Towanda's Trey Burlingame won the pole vault in 8-feet, 6-inches with Wellsboro's Devin Webster (8-feet) second and Koss (7-feet, 6-inches) third.

Pietropola won the long jump in 19-feet, 1/2-inch with Koss (18-feet, 2-inches) second and Canton's Malachi Washington (17-feet, 6 1/2-inches) third.

Tardieu won the triple jump in 39-feet, 6 1/2-inches with teammate Brieux Thibaut (38-feet, 6-inches) second and Washington (38-feet, 1-inch) third.

Towanda's Jed Palfryman won the shot put in 40-feet, 1 1/2-inches followed by Wellsboro's Jonas Benner (37-feet, 7 1/4-inches) and Canton's Quin Abercrombie (35-feet, 1-inch).

Towanda's Ben Jenkins won the discus in 86-feet, 6-inches with Abercrombie (82-feet, 11-inches) and Benner (81-feet, 7-inches) in second and third.

Abercrombie won the javelin in 112-feet followed by Wellsboro's Brody Coolidge (102-feet, 7-inches) and Koss (95-feet, 10-inches).

Sayre 94, Troy 53

The Redskins picked up a home NTL boys' track and field win Tuesday.

Sayre's Aaron Wilhelm won the 100 in 12.0 followed by teammate Phil Bennett (12.1) and Troy's Ben Sherman (12.3).

Redskin Mitchell Ward won the 200 in 26.0 followed by Bennett (26.0) with teammates John Blackman (26.1) and Wilhelm (26.1) tying for third.

Sayre's Adam Moore won the 400 in 52.8 with teammate Brad Hatch (57.5) second and Troy's Brian Davis (1:05.3) third.

Moore won the 800 in 2:11.4 with teammates Nick Sweet (2:13.2) and Nate Romanauski (2:15.1) third.

Sweet won the 1600 in 4:45.7 with Romanauski (5:02.7) and Troy's Jacob Culkin (5:04.8) second and third.

Troy's Kale Weidner won the 3200 in 11:15.7 followed by Moore (11:27.6) and Sweet (11:28.1).

Troy's Melbourn Turnbull won the 110 hurdles in 19.3 and the 300 hurdles in 52.1.

Sayre's team of Wilhelm, Ward, Bennett and Hatch won the 4x100 relay in 49.9 while the Redskin foursome of Mike Richman, Ward, Hatch and Moore won the 4x400 relay in 3:59.1.

Sayre's 4x800 relay of Blackman, Hatch, Bennett and Ryan Kipp won in 10:49.9.

Troy's Lucas Robbins won the pole vault in 9-feet followed by Sayre's Jordan Buck (8-feet) and Tyler Colburn (7-feet, 6-inches).

Richman won the high jump in 5-feet followed by teammate Sam Van Dermark (4-feet, 6-inches) and Culkin (4-feet, 6-inches).

Troy's Cale Bradley won the long jump in 16-feet, 5-inches followed by Colburn (15-feet, 2 1/4-inches) and Buck (14-feet, 8 1/2-inches).

Sayre's Zach Rae won the triple jump in 24-feet 1/2-inch.

Redskin Zach Hatch won the shot put in 38-feet, 7-inches followed by Troy's Layton Calkins (38-feet, 6-inches) and Sayre's Brandon Paris (37-feet, 1/2-inch).

Calkins won the discus in 114-feet, 4 1/2-inches with teammate Josh McClelland (100-feet, 2 1/2-inches) second and Zach Hatch (98-feet, 7 1/2-inches) third.

Sayre's Tylor Belles won the javelin in 116-feet, 9-inches with Calkins (105-feet, 1-inch) second and Troy's Gage Gilliand (97-feet, 7-inches) third.

Odessa-Montour 72.5, Tioga 68.5

The Tigers were edged in IAC Small School track and field action Tuesday.

Tioga's Josh Kithcart won the shot put in 43-feet, 8 1/2-inches while teammate Dylan Babcock was second in 40-feet.

Babcock was second in the discus in 123-feet, 5-inches while Kithcart was third in 114-feet, 7 1/2-inches.

Tiger Gage Lubertowicz won the pole vault in 12-feet, 10-inches while teammate Tony Passetti was second in 7-feet.

Tioga's Tyler Predix won the high jump in 5-feet, 10-inches while Tioga's 4x100 relay of Nick Sargent, Jacob Lewis, Kithcart and Matt Jump won in 48.4.

Tioga's 4x400 relay also won in 3:52.8.

Predix also won the 400 in 55.1 with teammate John Dougherty third in 1:00.2.

Tiger Sam Burns was second in the 110 hurdles in 16.7 with teammate Jonah Schumacher third in 17.1. Burns took second in the 400 hurdles in 1:03 while Schumacher was third in 1:03.8.

Jump was third in the 100 in 12.6 while Jonny Polo-Rankin was second in the 1600 in 5:04.9.

Jump was second in the 200 in 25.8 with Lewis third in 25.9 while Polo-Rankin was second in the 3200 in 12:04.4.

Predix was second in the long jump in 17-feet, 5-inches with Sargent third in 17-feet, 3 1/2-inches.

Lubertowicz was second in the triple jump in 37-feet, 3-inches while Predix was third in 36-feet, 2 1/2-inches.