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Area track and field teams kick off season.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | March 30, 2016 | Photo courtesy Chris Manning


Area track and field teams kick off seasonTOWANDA — The Towanda boys and girls track and field teams opened the season with dual meet wins over North Penn-Mansfield Tuesday.

The boys won 97-56 while the girls won 82-54.

For the boys the 4x800 relay team of Griffin Sites, Stephen Benditt, Teddy Steele and Landon Brown won in 10:22.04.

NPM's Mason Gee won the high jump in 5-feet, 6-inches followed by teammate Garrett Bickhart (5-feet, 4-inches) and Towanda's Martin Lauber (5-feet, 2-inches).

Towanda's Larry Nichols won the 100 in 11.90 followed by NPM's Sean Giles (12.28) and Black Knight Will Davidson (12.29).

Gee won the long jump in 18-feet, 6-inches, followed by Towanda's Joe Koss (17-feet, 4-inches) and Towanda's Aaron Trybula (14-feet, 5-inches).

Towanda's 4x100 of Landon Brown, Nichols, Davidson and Sites (46.44).

Sites won the 400 in 55.66 followed by NPM's Cameron Alexander (55.86) and Brock Burleigh (58.84).

Towanda's Zach Sims won the pole vault at 9-feet followed by Koss (8-feet, 6-inches) and Knight Coleton Gerrity (8-feet, 6-inches).

Towanda's John Schrader won the 300 hurdles followed by Giles and NPM's Naseer Burzak.

Towanda's Ben Jenkins won the shot put in 34-feet, 3-inches followed by NPM's Aaron White (34-feet, 2-inches) and Koss (32-feet, 8-inches).

Burleigh won the javelin 126-feet, 10-inches followed by Towanda's Dakota Bacorn (108-feet, 5-inches) and Koss (32-feet, 8-inches).

Koss won the discus in 100-feet, 9 1/2-inches followed by Jenkins (92- feet, 4-inches) and NPM's John Minnich (72-feet, 9-inches).

Sites won the triple jump in 37-feet, 7-inches followed by Gee (36-feet, 3-inches) and Towanda's Nick O'Connor (28-feet, 6-inches).

Koss won the 200 in 25.25 followed by NPM's Cooper Baumgarter (25.44) and Giles (25.95).

Steele won the 800 in 2:31.21 followed by Burleigh (2:35) and Towanda's Cole Barrett (2:37).

NPM's Blake Nelson won the 3200 in 11:45.21 with Trybula (12:14.90) second and Towanda's Chase Dibble (13:13.49) third.

The Panther's 4x400 relay of Lethan Dunn, Burleigh, Gee and Alexander won in 3:51.70.

On the girls' side, the Towanda 4x800 relay won in 11:58.99.

NPM's Alysa Davey-Bostic won the long jump in 15-feet, 2-inches followed by teammates Samantha Davenport (13-feet, 4-inches) and Miranda Hampsher (12-feet, 11-inches).

Towanda's Hannah Chilson won the 100 hurdles in 21.43 followed by teammate Marin Bovier (21.46) and NPM's Jayna Brodnicki (24.12).

Towanda's Reigan Hill won the 100 in 14.0 followed by NPM's Kyla Madigan (14.39) and Towanda's Elaina Johnson (14.42).

Davey-Bostic won the high jump in 5-feet, 4-inches followed by Towanda's Ally Tama (4-feet, 8-inches) and Cynthia Kerrick (4-feet, 6-inches).

NPM's Lyndsey Payne won the 1600 in 6:18 followed by Towanda's Genesis Vasquez (6:19) and teammate Cheyanne Brown (6:44).

NPM's 4x100 relay of Hampsher, Libby Vogel, Madigan and Davenport won in 59.53.

Kerrick won the 300 hurdles in 1:01.04 followed by Bovier (1:03) and Chilson (1:05.12).

Davey-Bostic won the triple jump in 33-feet, 1-inch with Davenport (29-feet, 3 1/2-inches) second and Towanda's Lauren Risch (29-feet, 3-inches) third.

Towanda's Jessica Tice won the shot put in 35-feet, 2 1/4-inches followed by teammates Hannah Palfreyman (28-feet, 3-inches) and Sarah Dawsey (27-feet, 9 1/2-inches).

Tice won the discus in 74-feet, 5-inches with Palfreyman (65-feet, 7-inches) second and NPM's Alyssa Corwin (61-feet, 4-inches) third.

Dawsey won the javelin in 107-feet, 9-inches with Corwin (82-feet, 2-inches) second and NPM's Taylor Thompson (76-feet, 9-inches) third.

Payne won the 800 in 2:47.19 with Vasquez (3:00) second and Brown (3:05.3) third.

Johnson won the 200 in 28.60 with Hampsher (30.31) second and Hill (30.62) third.

NPM's Brittany Weiskopff won the 3200 in 14:26.33 with Towanda's Shelby Smith (15:20.43) second.

Towanda's 4x400 relay team of Tama, Johnson, Vasquez and Risch won in 4:31.96.

Tama won the 400 in 63.34 followed by NPM's Chelsea Repard (1:07.84) and NPM's Vera Peri (1:23).

BOYS: Wyalusing 77, NEB 73

GIRLS: NEB 79, Wyalusing 69

On the boys' side in the pole vault, Wyalusing's Derek Frederick won at 9-feet, 6-inches followed by NEB's Nick Shaffer (9-feet, 6-inches) and Ram Dominick Otis (9-feet).

Frederick led a Wyalusing sweep in the 100 at 11.78. Joey doss (12.13) and Tracey Brown (12.14) were second and third.

NEB's Alec Morris won the discus in 112-feet, 4-inches followed by Wyalusing's Randy Wildrick (80-feet, 4-inches) and Dalton Chilson (74-feet, 9-inches).

NEB's Sam Beers won the 110 hurdles in 17.68 followed by Wyalusing's Mitchell Schools (18.16) and Lucas Buttito (20.58).

The Panthers swept the 800 behind Levi Upham (2:38), Nate Mosier (2:42) and Dusty Cook (2:47).

The Rams swept the high jump behind Kasar Cameron (5-feet, 4-inches), Doss (5-feet) and Buttito (5-feet).

NEB's 4x400 relay won in 4:00 and the 4x800 relay in 10:06.

Wyalusing won the 4x100 relay in 49.54.

Chilson won the shot put in 41-feet, 3-inches followed by Morris (40-feet, 2 1/2-inches) and Wyalusing's Derrick Clark (32-feet, 11-inches).

Beers won the 300 hurdles in 44.53 followed by Schools (44.50) and Wyalusing's Robbie Tewksbury (52.70).

Upham won the 1600 in 5:02 followed by teammate Casey Ellis (5:15) and Wyalusing's Luke Auer (5:33).

Cameron won the triple jump in 33-feet, 2-inches followed by teammate Drew Masters (30-feet, 4-inches) and NEB's Adam Cole (28-feet, 7-inches).

Frederick won the javelin in 160- feet, 5-inches followed by Morris (145-feet, 8-inches) and Wyalusing's Ethan Rhodes (111-feet, 3-inches).

NEB's Jude Jampo won the 400 in 1:04.20 followed by Masters (1:04.80) and Wyalusing's Tim Mullican (1:08).

Brown won the 200 in 25.10 followed by Jampo (26.70) and Wyalusing's Will Martin (27.50).

Ellis won the 3200 in 11:22 with Mosier (11:50) second and Auer (12:10) third.

Beers won the long jump in 18-feet, 2-inches followed by Cameron (17-feet, 6-inches) and Buttito (16-feet, 8-inches).

On the girls' side, Wyalusing's Ashley Newton won the pole vault in 8-feet followed by teammates Chelsea Zionkowski (6-feet) in second and Marca Miller and Brittani Kaufmann both in third at 5-feet, 6-inches.

NEB's Kiah Russell won the 100 in 14.31 followed by Wyalusing's Victoria Kerin (14.57) and Naomi Lynnwood (14.58).

Panther Lydia Werner won the 100 hurdles in 15.98 followed by Russell (20.08).

NEB's Josie Haverly won the discus in 80-feet, 4-inches followed by teammate Emalee Allis (75-feet, 9-inches) and Wyalusing's Marissa Voda (65- feet, 9-inches).

NEB's Ella Brown won the 800 in 3:10 followed by Wyalusing's Karlye Huffman (3:11) and Mae McGrath (3:18).

Werner won the high jump in 4-feet, 10-inches followed by Wyalusing's Madilyn Edsell (4-feet, 8-inches) and Madison Hebda (4-feet, 2-inches).

Wyalusing's 4x400 relay won in 5:35 and the 4x100 relay in 58.92.

NEB won the 4x800 relay in 12:26.

NEB's Erica Vough won the shot put in 27-feet, 7 1/2-inches with Voda (27-feet, 6-inches) and Wyalusing's Sam Walker (24-feet, 11-inches) second and third.

Werner won the 300 hurdles in 51.30 with Newton (1:01.20) second.

NEB's Karlie Moyer won the 1600 in 6:06 followed by Wyalusing's Hannah Corson (6:33) and Panther Ella Brown (6:55).

Edsell won the triple jump in 31-feet followed by Newton (29-feet, 1/2-inches) and Ram Kendall Krewson (26-feet).

Vough won the javelin in 72-feet, 3-inches with Hebda (70-feet, 5-inches) second and NEB's Bre Kemp (70-feet, 4-inches) third.

Panther Krista Hallett won the 400 in 1:16 with Huffmann (1:17) second and Russell (1:20) third.

Lynnwood won the 200 in 31.80 followed by Kerin (31.90) and Hallett (32.90).

Moyer won the 3200 in 13:03 with teammates Megan Allabaugh (15:03) and Anne Thompkins (15:06) second and third.

Werner won the long jump in 15-feet, 10-inches followed by Edsell (14-feet, 11-inches) and Wyalusing's Makayla Voda (12-feet).

BOYS: Northern Tioga 83.5, Canton 71, Wellsboro 31.5

GIRLS: Wellsboro 83, Northern Tioga 53, Canton 52

In the 110 hurdles, Canton's Michael Bacon won in 16.5 followed by NT's Chris Padgett (17.3) and Allen Hackler (18.4).

Northern Tioga’s Mike Gottwald won the shot put in 33-feet, 7-inches followed by Canton's Stephen Liu (32- feet, 9-inches) and NT's Dylan Phillips (30-feet, 2 1/2-inches).

Canton's Malachi Washington won the long jump in 18-feet, 5 1/2-inches) followed by NT's David Laurens (17-feet, 5 1/2-inches) and Joey Brown (16-feet, 4-inches).

Canton's Noah Barnett won the 100 in 11.5 with teammate Brandon Fleming (11.7) second and Wellsboro's Alex Kozuhowski (12.0) third.

Fleming won the high jump in 5-feet, 6-inches with Washington (5-feet) second and four others at 4-feet, 10-inches.

Northern Tioga's Madden Doud won the 1600 in 5:06 followed by Canton's Connor Hess (5:13) and Mak Gleckner (5:14).

NT's Caleb Hurd won the discus in 97-feet, 7-inches followed by Phillips (93-feet, 7-inches) and Liu (85-feet, 8-inches).

Barnett won the 400 in 53.6 with Padgett (58.3) second and Wellsboro's Alex Freeman (1:03.3) third.

Bacon won the 300 hurdles in 46.2 with Padgett (48.9) second and NT's Trace Miles (50.9) third.

Brown won the pole vault in 11-feet, 3-inches with teammate Ada Vayansky (8-feet, 6-inches) second and Wellsboro's Gabe Leach (8-feet, 6-inches) third.

Doud won the 800 in 2:21.1 with Hess (2:22.6) and Wellsboro's Isaac Leach (2:25.7) second and third.

Fleming won the 200 in 24.2 followed by Kozuhowski (24.3) and Bacon (24.3).

Doud won the 3200 in 11:08 followed by teammate Evan Miller (11:09.8) and Wellsboro's Aidan Perry (11:58.6).

Wellsboro's 4x800 relay (9:42) and 4x100 relay (49.5) won while Canton's 4x400 relay won in 4:09.8.

Washington won the triple jump in 39-feet followed by Laurens (34-feet, 2 1/2-inches) and NT's Lakota Gehringer (30-feet, 3-inches).

NT's Ben Brubaker won the javelin 132-feet, 3-inches followed by Wellsboro's Brody Coolidge (122-feet, 9-inches) and Liu (104-feet, 5-inches).

On the girls' side, Wellsboro's Haley Zuchowski won the 100 hurdles in 17.4 followed by Canton's Emalie Marnati (19.0 and Wellsboro's Jillian Graver (20.0).

Hornet Jada Jackson won the triple jump in 36-feet, 1 1/2-inches followed by teammate Lindsey Graver (29-feet, 7 1/2-inches) and NT's Cheyanne Gehringer (29-feet, 1/2-inch).

Gehringer won the pole vault in 7-feet, 6-inches followed by Wellsboro's Joey Taft (7-feet) and NT's Paige Swartz (6-feet, 6-inches).

Canton's Katie Henson won the discus in 77-feet, 4-inches followed by NT's Andrea Sheive (72-feet, 2-inches) and NT's Sierra Gehringer (71-feet, 3-inches).

Jackson won the 100 in 13.1 followed by NT's Katelynne Mays (13.7) and Lindsey Graver (13.9).

Canton's Randi Jennings won the 1600 in 5:47 followed by NT's Ryan Hughes (6:12) and Wellsboro's Anna Bleggi (6:19).

Henson won the shot put in 30-feet, 2-inches followed by Sheive (29-feet, 3-inches) and Wellsboro's Allyssa Boyd (25-feet, 5-inches).

Mays won the 400 in 1:10.2 followed by Canton's Alexa Landis (1:10.7) and Wellsboro's Camryn Keane (1:14.6).

Jackson won the long jump in 15-feet, 5 3/4-inches followed by Canton's Olivia Bardo (12-feet, 10 1/2-inches) and Cheyanne Gehringer (12-feet, 7-inches).

Zuchowski won the 300 hurdles in 53.6 followed by Marnati (57.5) and Jillian Graver (1:02.6).

Hughes won the 800 in 2:45.7 followed by Bleggi (2:51.8) and Landis (2:53.7).

Lindsey Graver won the 200 in 29.8 followed by Mays (30.1) and Marnati (30.7).

Jennings won the 3200 in 12:30.1 followed by teammates Emalie Landis (17:20.9) and Becky Brown (17:21.2).

Canton's 4x800 relay team of Alaina Castle, Rachel Sparling, Alexa Landis and Jennings won in 11:07 while Wellsboro's 4x100 relay of Raisa Rogers, Dahlia Hosey, Zoe Iseri and Cheyenne Sherman won in 56.9.

Wellsboro's 4x400 relay won in 5:07.

Hornet Mikayla Feil won the high jump in 5-feet followed by Rogers (5-feet) and NT's Morgan Cady and Hosey tying for third at 4-feet, 10-inches.

Feil won the javelin in 85-feet, 5-inches followed by Henson (81-feet) and Keane (70-feet).